About me

Albena Dimitrova

How I started doing this? Well, when I was a little girl I liked playing with dolls, make them new hairstyles... but when I grew up I started making hairstyles to my friends and relatives and the moment came when I stop playing and I've got my scissors and people starting asking "Hey, Beny, can make me a new haircut?" Fashion has always intrigued me, after that I graduated the school of modern fashion and design. When I finished making new haircuts to colleagues, neighbors, friends, relatives and so on I had a chance to go through a professional course hairstyling. Of course after that I started working as hairstylist. In early 90's in Bulgaria I had very big interest in Europe and the world, in fashion, the information that has been posted in magazines etc. I had the opportunity to be one of the first students of the famous hairstylist Kapanov. The opportunity that is the beginning of my professional career as hairstylist. That course had given me pretty much experience and knowledge.

In the beginning of the century I accepted the challenge to learn more about hairstyling, that's how I went on the Royal Olympic Cruises. That was worth it - I was a manager of Beauty and Spa salon, I had the opportunity to learn from other cultures, traditions and trends of this kind of business, and I worked with foreign co-workers. Now after five years of working here in USA as hairstylist and realized how much these two years aboard that ship has given to me. As a top of my career I consider working with three of the most famous advertising agencies in Bulgaria. They are related to tv commercials, video clips, magazines. My work has always given me pleasure from working it, maybe because I love doing it. As a person and employee I am perfectionist, that has helped me much. Maybe there are the secrets of success respect clients, ambition, and doing everything with perfection. Of course everything that I have accomplished is because of my family's support.